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Helpful Resources

Wanting to know where we are going, and why, is a fundamental question we all ask each and every morning.  The answer can be as simple as going to the store, work, or school.  However, the larger question is where our HEARTS and SOULS are really going and doing each and everyday.  God has the answers to life’s essential questions through His Son, Jesus, and these answers can be found in His Holy Word. God’s Word holds the KEY to life.  Are you ready to open the door? Simply click on a link below to begin your journey to find the answer to your needs.

Focus On Truth

IN SEARCH OF THE LORD’S WAY The SEARCH program began on one small TV station, and is now seen on 80 Broadcast stations, 130 cable and public access stations, 23 radio stations and 2 satellite networks.

BIBLE CHARTS BibleCharts.org is dedicated to visually presenting the magnificent truths of the Bible through the means of Bible Charts.

GOSPEL BROADCASTING NETWORK Gospel Broadcasting Network is under the oversight of the elders of the Highland Church of Christ in Dalton, Georgia. These evangelistic shepherds have embarked on a new and exciting outreach to air the truth and nothing but the truth 24/7 on satellite to millions of homes in the United States, and parts of Canada and South America.

SEARCHING FOR TRUTH Searching For Truth was produced with the thought in mind of the great filmstrips of the past that did so much good in teaching the Gospel. This new program is designed to teach the viewer what one needs to know to become a Christian.

APOLOGETICS PRESS Organization with articles on a variety of issues on defending the faith including creation vs. evolution, alleged Bible contradictions, and more.

PREACHER FILES Great resource for serious study.