A Cappella Congregational Singing
360 Grand Street
Coldwater, MI 49036
(517) 278-6280

Our Ministries


  • FOOD BANK: Our congregation provides a broad selection of nutritious foods for those who are in need.
  • CLOTHING ROOM: We have a room of clothing that has been donated to assist those in need.
  • GIVE-A-WAY DAY: Once a year the congregation opens its doors to the community for anyone in need of clothing. School supplies for children are also given. 100 people are helped in this way each year in addition to those helped throughout the year. (James 1:17)


We strive to teach the Bible as God’s true Word (God breathed), to inspire real spiritual growth in each member, and to build meaningful relationships among Christians. (2 Timothy 3:16-17)


We have trained teachers who will assist you in studying the Bible in your own home. We will help you in making the Bible clear and easy to understand, so that you may comprehend God’s plan of salvation for all mankind. (Matthew 28-19)


We are genuinely interested in young people, and work with them to develop both their spiritual qualities and leadership abilities. Our youth participate in both congregational and area church youth activities: Youth Rally, Lock-In Camp Indogan: Camp Indogan is a Christian Youth Camp 25 miles south of Coldwater in Angola, In. Our youth spend a week of fun and Bible instruction under the guidance of spiritually mature Christians. (2 Timothy 3:14)


We offer a FREE eight lesson Bible correspondence course, which allows you to study the Bible in the privacy of your own home. These lessons are short and simple, asking questions whose answers come directly from the Bible. You are even supplied with a stamped self-addressed envelope in which you will return your course for review.


We also offer a FREE DVD that explains the Lord’s Church and various teachings that are Bible based. It explains in detail how a person can come to Jesus and receive salvation.


There are many fellowship opportunities available, which will provide encouragement for the love of God and others. These include family outings and recreational events. We encourage our visitors to join us in fellowship meals, which are held once a month following the 3rd Sunday worship service.


Drew’s Place is an Assisted Living Facility located in Coldwater where people reside who are unable to live in their homes and are separated from their families due to physical ailments that prevent them from living independent lives. We have a desire to reach out to the residents of Drew’s Place to provide companionship, friendship, and bring the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

We have individuals from the congregation that independently visit the residents of Drew’s Place. A group will also visit Drew’s Place once a month or so and bring an encouraging program using puppets, singing, and scripture reading to the residents.